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Security & Surveillance

A surveillance system is all about watching, maybe also listening, and usually recording. It can be combined with security. Security constantly endeavor to ensure that our products and technologies are packed with the latest, most innovative technologies to ensure that our customers and their businesses are able to achieve maximum benefit from their IP security camera systems.

Audio & Video integration

Combination of audio and visual equipment to make a better viewing and listening experience during a meeting. Audio visual integration is the blending of technologies related to hearing and sight into a unified whole. It is the process of coordinating speakers, microphones, projectors, displays, control panels, video conferencing software, and other technologies into a functioning solution.

Managed it services

Managed IT service provider focuses on several ongoing responsibilities of monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf. Managed IT services is a solution that is delivered by an IT service provider that combines flat rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee with the proactive monitoring of IT work stations and infrastructure.

Network infrastructure services

Comprises hardware and software, systems and devices, and it enables computing and communication between users, services, applications and processes. Network infrastructure is typically part of the IT infrastructure fount in most enterprise IT environments. The entire network infrastructure is interconnected, and can be used for internal communication, external communications or both. A typical network infrastructure includes: Networking Hardware: Routers, switches, LAN cards, wireless routers cables